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Apr 19, 2024
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Provider Manual Cover Transmittals

The link provided under the Manual column below is to the Cover Transmittal Memo which explains the revisions to be made. In order to view the actual changes you must select the Provider Manual link then the manual and chapter you wish to view or download.

DateManualChapter Number or Appendix Letter
Jun 30, 2017Residential Treatment Services ManualMultiple
Jan 12, 2015GAP Manual
Feb 27, 2013Alzheimer's Assisted Living WaiverChapters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, D
Aug 10, 2011Update to Chapter II of Provider ManualsChapter II
Jul 15, 2011Updates to the Community Mental Health Rehabilitative Services Provider ManualChapter II, IV, V, VI, and Appendix C
Jul 5, 2011Update to the Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver Services Provider ManualChapter IV
Jul 1, 2011Update to Childrens Mental Health Program Provider ManualChapter IV
Jun 22, 2011Update to the Local Education Agency (LEA) Provider Manual to Reflect Clarifications to Provider Requirements, Covered Service Requirements, Quality Review, and Billing.Chapter II, Chapter IV, Chapter VI
Apr 4, 2011Update to Chapter I (all manuals) and to the Physician/Practitioner Provider ManualChapter I (in all manuals) and Chapters II, IV, V, VI, Appendix C, and Appendix D of the Physician/Practitioner Manual
Mar 28, 2011Update to the Hospital ManualChapter VI
Feb 4, 2011Update to Chapter V of Provider ManualsChapter V
Jan 19, 2011Update to the Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies Provider ManualAppendix B
Jan 10, 2011Update to the Definition of Terms Appendix (Appendix A)-All ManualsAppendix A
Nov 29, 2010Baby Care Provider ManualChapter II, IV, V, VI, and Appendix A
Nov 5, 2010Physicians/Practitioner Provider ManualChapter IV
Nov 1, 2010Childrens Mental Health Program Provider ManualChapter II, IV, V, VI, and Appendix A
Oct 4, 2010All Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) Provider ManualsChapter II of All Provider Manuals
Oct 1, 2010AIDS Waiver Case Management Services ManualAppendix D
Oct 1, 2010Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (IFDDS) Waiver ManualAppendix D
Oct 1, 2010Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Directed Services (EDCD) Waiver ManualAppendix D
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